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The American Academy of World Music (AAWM) is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education in world music, folk, jazz, and pop music, while fostering a multicultural understanding of music and bridging connections between people of diverse cultural and musical backgrounds. We believe that music is a universal language that knows no bounds, transcending international borders and bringing people together.



At AAWM, our curriculum is based on the principle of "one specialty, multiple skills," which prepares our student artists to succeed in a globally connected music community. Our program offers a unique combination of performance, composition, technology, and music business education, with a strong emphasis on cultural music traditions from around the world. Our students have the opportunity to specialize in cultural music traditions from various countries and regions, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for their own cultural musical heritage. Our curriculum encourages students to pursue their musical passions and develop their skills in performance, composition, technology, and music business.


Co-founder and founding President of the American Academy of World Music, performer, educator,and musical instrument reformer, active on the international stage. He is good at playing suona and a variety of Chinese and Western wind instruments. He is recognized by the industry as one of the best suona performers in the world, and he is committed to integrating Chinese music with world music. 

Wes Wirth

Bass, Guitar & Voice

Wes is a prolific composer of original music. Writing for self and for many others. Wes is also an accomplished performer, on the bass, guitar and voice. His unique style has been described as, “visually expansive, a hyperbolic sound-scape, sonically erotic, sensually inviting, and mysteriously tender.”

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