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AAWM World Music Summer Music Festival

Musicians are always the pioneers of world peace! The United States is a country where many ethnic groups gather together. The understanding and integration of culture and art make it easier for everyone to live in harmony under one roof. Guide our children correctly, use music to cultivate their sentiments, and make the world a better place. This is the educational philosophy of the American World Music Academy.

This event will be held in two parts: AAWM Summer Word Music Camp; The AAWM World Music Festival 2022 will be held from August 15th to 20th.

In the world music summer music camp launched for the first time, Yazhi Guo, president of the American World Music Academy, and Wes Wirth, vice president, led the academy teachers and many world music masters, covering many music styles and national instruments from all over the world. The music culture of more than six different ethnic groups is displayed, and more than 20 musical instruments are available for students to choose from, giving you an unprecedented world music experience. A rare opportunity! bring it on! Discover the artistic talents of your children and spend this unforgettable time with the masters.


The AAWM World Music Festival will be held on August 20th, Eastern Time, at the American Academy of World Music in Boston. The festival has gathered many world music masters: suona player Yazhi Guo, erhu player Chen Jun, bass player Wes Wirth, pianist Utar Artun and his band, Nazan Nihal, Yimiao Chen, Nate Karahalis, Bilin Zheng, Giri Subramaniam , Volkan Efe, Nevin Sahin, Patrick Suliwen; as well as the Berklee Chinese Traditional Music Club, MultiTone Hulusi Ensemble, and Angel Dance. AAWM World Music Festival will present a grand music feast.

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