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Join us at the American Academy of World Music and experience the world through the language of music.

Our performance program is designed to help students develop their technical abilities, musical expression, and creative potential.


In our composition program, students will learn the fundamentals of music composition, including harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration. 


Our Academy regularly holds music festivals and salons that focus on the diverse styles and genres of world music.

AAWM Music Festival

Our Academy is dedicated to promoting world music and regularly offers summer and winter camps that focus on different musical styles and genres from around the world.

AAWM World Music Summer & Winter Camp


Dive into the rich world of music with our online courses, focusing on world music and instrument mastery. Learn from renowned musicians and educators in live sessions designed to elevate your musical skills and deepen your cultural appreciation.


World Music Explorers

This program offers a wide array of experiences, age appropriate for students 7+. Students that benefit the most from this level of the program are usually just starting out and trying something new for the first time. Curious about what makes music work? Do you want a chance to explore a culture’s music? This is a great starting point.



World Music Pioneers

This program is designed for students who have played an instrument for at least 2 years and take lessons on their instrument. The experiences in this program include chamber music ensembles and performances with fellow students and faculty, composition using electronic devices, and music production. At each point in the program students will have the opportunity to work with world renown artist music teachers on western and traditional folk instruments from around the world.

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