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He Tao, a native of Shanghai studied Erhu with her father since childhood and graduated from the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music in 1992. In the same year, she was admitted to the China Radio National Orchestra. In 1999, she relocated to Singapore signing with Expect Music, and played popular music with Erhu. Tao later joined the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 2002. She moved to Boston with her family 10 years later, and in 2014, she collaborated with the famous Chinese composer Ms. Huang Qiong composed the work "San Mao Wandering" for Erhu and percussion collective. In 2015 Tao performed "The Great Wall Capriccio" with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra. In 2017, she played solo Erhu in the opera "The Legend of the White Snake" composed by esteemed Chinese composer Mr. Zhou Long.

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