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Performer, Music Director

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Described by one critic as “ Timbral action, dramatic development and a does of modernity kept listeners enthralled”, Hui Weng, a virtuosic performer steeped in age-old Chinese traditions, is crossing musical boundaries that few others have dared to cross, receiving international acclaim for her performances of traditional, contemporary, and improvised music on her Guzheng. Ms. Weng enjoys a multifaceted musical career as Guzheng performer, lecture, and music director. Ms.Weng has been exploring new musical innovations on the Guzheng, and is developing her own style of Guzheng performance by seeking the perfect combination of traditional Chinese music, western classical music, world music, and contemporary improvisation. She has been awarded gold medals, “National Rising Star” and “Oriental Artist” among others for her performances in major national and international competitions. As the recipient of Emerging Artists Award fellow from the St. Boltoph Foundation, she received recognition for expansion on Guzheng performance to include singing, dancing, and for her composing and curating new works. As an active soloist, Ms. Weng works with such prominent orchestra as Youth Chinese orchestra, Boston modern orchestra, Boston Symphony orchestra, etc. Her performance broadcast on WGBH national radio and CCTV music channel, etc. In 2011, she successfully released her first album “Men of Letters”. After her arrival in US, she made her American debut, “Twin Flowers” in Pickman Hall in 2012 and “The Rumble of Spring” benefit concert in Jordan Hall in 2014. Since 2016, she has been collaborating with Silk Road Ensemble. As educator and lecture, Ms.Weng was the first Guzheng student ever accepted by NEC and then being the first faculty to teach Guzheng and Chinese music now, she sail new program at NEC in uncharted waters. Every step she took aim to lead a new exploration or innovation, which allows her to understand the particular thoughts and situation from those students who play non-classical instruments. She has been invited to have lectures and masterclasses as visiting artist at Harvard university, Brandeis university, Tufts university, Berklee College of Music, Zhejiang Conservatory, Nanjing Art University and Jiangsu second normal university. Ms. Weng received her bachelor’s degree at Central Conservatory of Music and master degree from New England Conservatory. In 2015, she has held a teaching post in the Preparatory program at NEC and then promoted to teach college for both undergraduate and graduate students. She also served as academic director of US-China Music Festival and Workshop summer program at NEC since 2016.


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