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Artist Manager,Production Manager,Percussionist


KaiXin Hou, a dynamic professional in the music business and a skilled percussionist, graduated from Berklee College of Music with a major in Music Business and a minor in Recording and Production.


KaiXin's musical journey started at the age of four with the piano, later transitioning to percussion, where she developed a profound connection with both the Chinese drum and the marimba. Her global perspective in music was further cultivated at Berklee, where she pursued her degree and collaborated with renowned musicians and professors, showcasing traditional Chinese music on international stages.


During her time at Berklee, KaiXin was acknowledged for her academic excellence and received several scholarship awards for her contributions to music business management and her outstanding performances in percussion. This blend of technical proficiency and creative vision uniquely positions KaiXin in the music industry, merging traditional artistry with contemporary digital trends.


KaiXin's innovative approach shines through in her role as Show Manager for artists like Zitong (Selina) Zhang and Yuqi Zhang, where she effectively utilized social media platforms to broaden audience reach. Her expertise in managing logistics and team coordination reflects a deep comprehension of the digital landscape in the contemporary music industry. Her role as Music Director at Xiamen Exposure Technology Co., Ltd highlights her adaptability and innovation, while her leadership in managing shows for emerging artists underlines her commitment to promoting music and culture.


KaiXin Hou is more than a musician or business professional; she is a cultural bridge, an innovator in the music industry, and a passionate advocate for the arts.


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