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Suona and Chinese Wind Instruments

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In the 1990s, Guo was a popular suona musician in the Beijing recording studio, recording suona music for hundreds of films and TV shows, as well as for the Spring Festival Gala over the years. Kwok is also a popular Chinese musician in the Hong Kong pop music industry. He has been invited many times to be a special guest in large-scale concerts by Hong Kong singers such as "Da Ming faction" Huang Yaoming, Li Hackin and Liu Meijun. CCTV "National Music Fragrance" and Hong Kong TVB "Tuesday Archives" produced special introductions for him, CCTV International Channel's 2007 special topic: "Hong Kong Character  Yazhi Guo - Suona is also fashionable"; In 2007, he was invited to be the first national instrumental music of CCTV The judges of the TV competition performed "One Night in Beijing" at the awards TV show, which was refreshing.

Over the years, as a soloist, Guo has often cooperated with orchestras and folk ensembles of many countries and regions around the world; he has premiered many modern-style suona concertos such as "Calling the Phoenix", "Trace No. 4" and "The Great Desert". He has published more than ten solo albums such as Rivers of Water,  Yazhi Guo's  Wind instrument World, and Listening to Birds. CCTV has a special report: Guo Yazhi, a character in Hong Kong, "suona is also fashionable". In 2016, RTHK traveled through China and the United States and produced an exclusive interview documentary "Master" for him. The Geneva Forum commented: "He is the focal point of the stage, impressive" and was called "China's Louis Armstrong" by Boston Radio.

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